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My penguin

So yesterday heaven opened up while I was getting ingredients for homemade hummus

The best night of my life - Lady Gaga #artRAVE the ARTPOP Ball

Remember when people on tumblr used to message me supporting me.. and filling my inbox with nice things. Not going to lie I kind of miss it.


Travel the world with me

To places you’ve only dreamed of

Journey to a life you’ve never had

Hold my hand and let the happiness last

Pull me close and let all troubles pass

Travel through galaxies with me

Watch the stars shine almost as bright as you

Let their beauty hypnotize you

Just as yours does to me

Escape to a paradise called love

A place I plan to build a life from

A life I pan to spend with you

A fantasy I dream of coming true


"Beginning today treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the kindness, care, and understanding you can muster. Do it without any thought of reward"
-movie theater bathroom stall

You know when people say “friends stick together through thick and thin”, well sometimes it seems like life can throw in a lot of thick, or rough, rigid, narrow.. because life isn’t just divided into two parts; “thick” and “thin”, or “good” and “bad”. Sometimes the world is thrown at us so fast and too hard we don’t even know what to do with it, so we call it bad. But sometimes life gives us a beautiful woman, who plays guitar while you draw her silhouette, or makes sunny side up eggs while you make her pork roll for the first time. And even when you don’t like eggs you let her make them for you anyway because life is too “thin” to skip out on a pork roll egg and cheese (Bonus she makes banging eggs). I don’t think people can really know you completely, your school, family, or friend persona. But I think when you can feel their heart beating and you can’t help but appreciate every individual heart beat given to them, or when you sigh for no reason just because you’re in awe over that person… it’s more than just knowing someone. It’s appreciating them. For any flaw or mistake they’ve made, you can’t help but thank them for conquering. I know battles come and go and the “War to end all Wars” just started new ones. But there are some people who are fighters and if they know it or not they will conquer.

I have never met someone so beautiful and strong and brave as this girl. I want to make records of her laugh or billboards of her smile. This is the girl that’s going to make it big one day and I know nothing will ever hold her back. I don’t know if she believes that fully, but I can feel it in my heart. She is the voice people need to hear. The songs people need to listen to.. on repeat. She is going to impact this world one way or another. I just know that. I don’t think she could ever understand how much she already has. The hearts she’s touched or the fans she’s made. But these people care about her and love her. She’s stunning.

I love her.



When has it gone too far

Hi lovelies! I'm Morgan, nice to meet you. Art is my thing. It's one of my biggest passions. Ps. I always love suggestions :) Feel free to talk to me whenever. I'm always here! <3 This is my blog dedicated to my forbidden romance. Once, I was told that penguins search their whole life for their perfect mate. And once they find that special penguin they stay with them for their lifetime. They were destine for each other. Fate. This is a blog dedicated to my penguin. Whether or not I can physically be with her I will always find my way back to her. She's my everything. I love her

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